What is technology?

Today I chose a subject that is part of our lives and see if we have influence or not. Today’s topic is called technology and especially the evolution of technology and humanity is very interested in novelty. We live in a world dominated and influenced by technology in 99%. The remaining 1% are poor countries where technology has not yet reached. A study by an American university who analyzed these percentages said that people who are part of the 1% have a life with less stress than other people who share the technology.Technology

What is technology?

By definition technology is the methods, processes and operations that are faction raw materials, data and materials. In other words, technology is a ensemble techniques that ease human labor and develop knowledge. The importance of technology has become essential for economic development is widely recognized for the success he has in human evolution. From technology economically successful but may have unsuccessful in economic activity and companies in an environment of competition is tight.

There are many definitions that have no relevance when it comes to technology and humanity. The risks are very high when we accept the technology. As you know, rich countries and poor countries have accepted the technology developed countries were forced to accept. In conclusion after many years in which to apply this method of technology engineering the notice unsuccessful, developed countries have become richer than they were and developing countries entered the economic crisis. Countries that are in economic decline poor countries are forced to make loans in order to keep the state budget. In this example we can conclude that technology did not work but for countries that have managed to adapt technology have become highly developed and it was a success.

High-tech advanced technology

In my opinion this high-tech technology is the most advanced equipment and create addiction the. The term high technologies is present here in this area and I refer in particular to the field of electronic, computer. The best example is that smart phones have taken very large. When they did were classified as a failed technology that does not withstand time and will be removed from the market. As we see nowadays mankind uses 90% smartphones and 10% are elderly people who have no phones and simple. This is because companies were able to modify these smart phones that became very popular in the world. Take a hidden application that was really a time but up to now can be used by any user. Secure application is called Cell Phone Tracker. At first it was used by intelligence listening devices to catch the people who did not respect the law. Cell Phone tracker deals with smart phone location by phone number. The application is used especially for parents who want to protect their children and want to know where they are located. Cell Phone Tracker can be used by anyone who has access to a smart phone that contains a SIM card because the application can locate other devices or by phone. So technology has become a necessity for mankind, it has advantages and disadvantages just to analyze these issues. With the technological system builds, operates and transfers and are then assimilated by that develop new technologies that form an addiction for mankind. I can say that breathe and breathe technology.

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