A few days ago, a friend bother me and annoy each time he see me stoppind on the street to catch a Pidgey. After another days, the same person gave tours block in search of a Hypno and terribly pissed that i got him and it failed. Followed colleagues, friends, acquaintances and suddenly i started to see everywhere around me people who run in all directions after Pokemon.


I even made a social experiment this weekend with a pokemon go pokecoins hack in the park and succeeded in 30 minutes to gather a lot of nice people around me. It is an incredible phenomenon worldwide that is growing by the day, a phenomenon that manages to pull people out of the house and make them work together in interesting ways that did not could imagine a new generation of games, a gate new age advertising.

At first, your only concern should be catching a lot of Pokemon until level 5 at least, moment when you choose your team on and off as many Pokestops to gather resources (Pokestops resets every five minutes). It seems that eventually Incense works much better when you move. If you stand in one place, you will receive a Pokemon every 600 seconds and if you move at a constant velocity of 4-5 km/h you will receive a Pokemon once 60 seconds. I do not know if you were caught, but the dificulty in catching a Pokemon is linked to the level that it has (CP) which is indicated by the color of the circle around him. (Green – Easy; Yellow – Difficult; Red – Extremely Difficult). Store RazzBerry and Great Balls/Ultra Balls for pokemon that have very high level and circle around them is orange or red. The perfect combination to catch a difficult pokemon is to give him a RazzBerry before and use a Grat Ball or Ultra Ball to catch it. Be careful with Stardust and do not use it until after you get past level 20. Basically, you need to use Stardust with evolved pokemon, 1000+ CP. The biggest XP you take evolving Pokemon (500 XP normal and 1000 XP with lucky Egg activated).

The best combination for Pokemon GO experience: collect many pokemon ready evolved, you go to a Pokestop, give a Lure on it (or find one already on) and a Lucky Egg on you ( Incense can add a bonus), and then began to evolve pokemon and catch everything that moves around for 30 minutes. Much better would be to do this with a bunch of friends that benefits will be much higher for everyone and would be the ideal location with direct access between 2-3 Pokestops. Evolution of eggs is done by moving 2 – 5 – 10 km, and the higher the required distance is bigger the chance of getting a rare Pokemon increase. Evolution can be done including a bicycle, as long as it reduced speeding and the phone is stirred / shaken occasionally went in to record the steps. I do not recommend anyone to try to attack a Gym until after level 10, but I recommend Gym search sites as far from civilization because there likely that your pokemon to take 21 hours to collect bonus resources. In addition Bonus take first right after the capture of a Gym – Click on Shop in the top right corner is a button with shield shape – Click on it. The best locations are full of Pokestops and Pokémon parks and malls (highly populated areas). Areas that regularly appear different rare Pokémon are called cores / nests, they have recently changed and will change in the future.



Pokemon appear on the map depending on the medium or the time of day: a lake for example have more chances to catch some Pokémon water (fish, jellyfish, etc.) and other species appear wonderful night like Gastly – Haunter. Sort inventory Pokémon by HP or by name in case you have not renamed already to make it easier put them by the teacher on the low level and keep them on the big level or to him evolve. In the bottom right corner of the screen of an area called “Nearby” and refers to the types of Pokémon which you can find nearby. When you select one from the list, it is followed and you are more likely to occur if you get close to his position. You can figure out proximity depending on its position in the list (first = very nearly, if not change his position on 2-3-4-5 … means that you away). There are system “paws” / paws: 3 ~ far enough; 2-hand; 1 or 0 ~ extremely close (currently not working).  You can choose Pikachu in the beginning of the game, if in the first minute, when you are asked to choose between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, go around them and repeat this 3 times until you see Pikachu.

Eevee has several types of evolution, and you can control exactly what you get with a simple trick: before evolution rename your Eevee in Sparky, Rainer or Pyro, close and reopen the application, then do evolution. Depending on the name that you will get proper evolution. Sparky – evolves intro Jolteon, Rainer evolves into Vaporeon and Pyro evolved intro Flareon. In time, I realized that to catch a Pokemon throw the ball with accuracy counts, not the circle around them. Depending on how well you throw the ball you get extra XP. In sh ort, if you get in the circle you have a much better chance to catch him. While the application is closed, nothing is recorded. So watch out all the time to have it in focus or background. Another trick is to use your parade Battery Saver and when you hold the phone upside down screen goes blank, thus protecting the battery. Gym battles are relatively simple: tap to attack, tap and hold for special attack when the bar at top left is loaded and swipe left and right to shun.

If Gym has higher level, the need defeated several times to reduce it to a lower level and it can capture. Be careful when you fight with enemy Gym in fact you have to beat all the pokemon Gym same shift at a time without healing. When you find a keeper Pokemon and want to evolve, it is best to find it on the largest CP or Power UP him as much as possible before evolution.

Given the evolving doubles yyour avarage CPs and Power UP on a Pokemon evolved is more expensive in terms of Stardust, apply logic: take a Pidgey of 140CP, Power UP to 200CP, it evolves into a Pidgeotto about 400CP which further evolved in turn in a Pidgeot about 800CP. The higher the level trainer, the pokemon that you will find will have more horsepower. This is true up to level 30, when all pokemon will no longer depend on the level. You can throw balls curved for extra XP. A curved ball can be thrown by rotating in a circular of the ball before the throw. Careful! It is very difficult to control its direction and you will be wasting a lot Pokeballs. Is the most productive hunting in pairs or groups as large: each group member may be tracking a different Pokemon and when he can announce the discovery of others; Most people can cover much larger areas; The halls can be attacked more easily in the group.

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