Currently the game servers of Pokemon sun rom are not available. Developers report server problems.

Currently the game servers of Pokemon sun rom are not available. Developers report server problems.

The servers of Pokemon sun rom are not available for a few minutes. Players report on Facebook and other social networks that they can not log in to the game. The reason for this is obviously technical problems.
The servers are back online. To make the registration work, you should restart your Pokemon sun rom.
Pokemon sun rom server status
The Pokémon hunt of many coaches is currently compulsorily interrupted. Guilt of this are obviously server problems, which prevent the login in the App Pokemon sun rom. On Twitter the developers announced a few minutes ago that one knows of the problems. You are currently working on a solution and will issue an update if the bug is resolved.
Until then, the Pokémon adventure has to be interrupted. We will inform you directly, however, if the problems were fixed. In the meantime, you can calculate how long you have to play 3ds rom. Assuming the servers work. How many years do you need to level 40?
In the middle of the year 2016 Nintendo has triggered a real hype with Pokemon sun rom. But how has the enthusiasm turned into money? Not even so bad, if one App.
Thus the Taschenmonster-Hatz should have brought 950 million US dollar sales within just six months. The title is ranked third among the most mobile mobile titles. Only Monster Strike and Clash Royale are supposed to have made more money last year. The figures are quite strong, but it will be interesting how sales are developing this year.
Some Raichus and Pikachus are different from their peers. In Pokemon sun rom, females are used, while in the regular forms around males.
Pokemon sun rom fans have not only found the introduction of second-generation Pokémon last month, but also the fact that pocket mongers might differ in their gender in the future. Now images are popping up, suggesting that the genders of the monsters have been integrated into the Augmented Reality app.
Passionate trainers have noticed the differences so far only with Pikachu and its further development Raichu. Normally, the tip of the tail of Pikachu is lightning-shaped. As you can see in our gallery, there are now also specimens with a tail that resembles a heart. In some Raichus the tail also differs from those of other breeders.
The website WWG reports that male Pikachus and Raichus have the regular forms. The female versions of this Pokémon show deviations.


It’s just a snapshot and the data comes from November 2016. Nevertheless, Decluttr, a US resell platform similar to Momox or Rebuy, has also succeeded in gaining an interesting insight into the mobile games market with an advertising graphics. On a landing page with the Decluttr for the trade-in of smartphones, the company has mapped the top 20 game apps including their sales, which in real-time parallel to a timer to the top of the page.
Among other things, VentureBeat has picked up this and presented the minute turnover of the games. The then-leading “Pokemon sun rom” earned, for example, around the 2,400 dollars per minute. The insight is also interesting because it represents the fastest sales decline at the top. Already number four – in this case “Mobile Strike” – earned less than half.
The data itself comes from ThinkGaming, which offers daily and platform-accurate sales for different regions. The daily turnover data of mobile games on iPhone in the USA offers ThinkGaming as a teaser almost free of charge on its sides. Currently, “Pokemon sun rom” is only ranked ninth.

Selena Gomez Interview

Selena Gomez is remarkable a celebrity that has a lot of fans. This was made known by many hobbies and study for acting and sang.

The early years

attends The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Her parents divorced Ricardo Gomez and Mandy Teefy his mother was remarried in 2006 with Brian Teefy. Gomez was named after Selena Quintanilla singer. Her father is Mexican and her mother is of Italian descent here can see the beautiful traits.

Beautiful celebrity has accepted an interview for our website take a few questions ready in November  very interesting. We introduce you to read the interview:

We really like the cover that you did it for “Parachute” by Cheryl Cole. How do you feel about it?

Selena: It has a great influence on me. I was early in the UK and was the first time that we left America for more than three months have to shoot in Budapest, and when I got there I saw that you can not miss, is present everywhere! I took the CD and a DVD and I listened to music during the entire filming. M has made me feel better, I love music and I think she is a very nice person. He went through a lot but he knows to go ahead with the class thing enormous respect.


Tell us about your friendship with Taylor Swift.

Selena:   It’s funny, because in many ways we are very similar, which scares me, somehow. Her brother even would say: ‘You have the same razor!’. But there are points where we differ to extremes, but which we do complement each other. I feel like we have the same mentality about mundane world and music and we try to support each other, and we know that we understand things as we go through everything together. We are both going to same about things, so we are always close and we support each other.

How would you describe your fashion style and what you like to dress?

Selena: I like to change my style. I love fashion – I think is a great way to express yourself. And with my music, with my clothing line and my show, I get to experience a lot of different styles. But I think my style is mainly to classic. I like boots and scarves and things that I think are classic inspiration, in general.

Selena Phone Number you provide to communicate with fans private life?

Selena: I love my fans and even now a Selena Gomez Phone Number to offer in this interview for your site. This is my own phone number and will answer all the fans.

This was the interview with Selena Gomez will invite you to watch.