Three devoid of social applications on your device

Yahoo! Messenger

If FaceTime or other video services seem restrictive or too expensive, Yahoo! Messenger for Mobile could be just what you’re looking for in video calls. The application enables audio / video calls between any two devices installed PC-mobile or mobile to mobile and has the advantage of not eating plan minutes, but possibly only for Internet traffic.

Tablet PC with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background


We find it hard to believe that you are still using DC ++ to download music. The alternative comes from the Russians. With this app, you can play just about any song you can think, create playlists, receive music recommendations based on songs heard.


Unlike web service, mobile app from Vimeo has the advantage that is completely free, which means that the videos are loaded instantly, that annoying interval being no processing can take up to one day.

Thus you can send images taken by air once you have recorded HD quality and no time limits there is a limit load weekly, but let’s face it, how many of us need more than 500 MB video week.

Besides, to give your videos a profi dash, and you can edit with the instruments of application equipment.

What is the dream of every boy shy when it encounters a beautiful girl? Someone to make them acquainted with it without a Miss put on the run.

The problem is old and seemed no solution.

The idea of this application is simple. After installing wabbit, look around you people available to talk, which, in turn, have this app on your phone. If you’re in the subway and see a pretty girl or cute guy and see he has smartphone, you think that maybe has Wabbit. Enter, search, and if you give the Wabbit message and can communicate without having to know personally. The application works only over a certain distance, which can be regulated, say those who conceived Wabbit.

If you want to start work on Snapchat, you should know that for starters you need a little courage and openness and inspiration, especially if you intend to focus more on videos. Many people inhibit when coated or in front of a camera, sometimes it happens to me and me to get lost, especially if and strangers around (even if I have some experience during the filming of the show SHOPPING WEEKEND, so I know whereof I speak. especially as most Romanians tend to look like the show when they see a person like her make a #selfie or only speaks in front of a phone.

If you do not already have enough inspiration for photos and video sites on Snapchat, I recommend you do your first account and learn from snapchaters older  to know that we have found many international stars who post daily on this social network and it’s very nice to see what they do in real time, when not on stage or in front of the cameras.

Once you discover the app Snapchat, about becoming addicted to it. Making a comparison with other social networks can say that I like more Snapchat’s because it’s more real. You can use snapchat account hack to enter emoji and make more. The pictures are not processed like Instagram though and this application has to pictures taken by three filters – to activate these filters all you have to do is to give swipe from right to left of the screen after you have made the picture and video URLs are live shots of everyday activities that can be seen only in 24 hours.