The new Apple TV comes to completely alter an important part of our lives. For TV has become for many of us an important way of life, whether we gather around to watch a show, a movie, a show or videos of important moments in our lives or loved ones, TV occupies a place of honor in our home ecosystem.


However, except for some improvements, more than image quality, very few things have changed him. That is, until now! It started to change the paradigm and put in front of the TV experience center applications. Around this concept, which is the foundation was built a new operating system called tvOS and then the resulting new Apple TV. Now let’s move on unboxing. Once opened the box you’ll see a product that looks very familiar. In appearance differences are not large compared to the old model, except that the new is 1 cm taller and heavier with 153 grams appearance has not changed. We confort black cabinet with the same finish with rounded corners, sharp edges and a matte lid that glows Apple logo. When we get to the remote but things are completely different.

New remote control sits very well in the hand and is perfectly designed to be operated with your index finger. Back of the remote is made of anodized aluminum and has rounded edges as we become accustomed to the iPhone, and we face glass black finish. The touchpad is very sensitive and has a very good reaction speed, giving you a seamless experience sensational. It is not very intuitive at first instance that it takes to press the touchpad to click and perform selections, but once cleared this all goes very smoothly and interactively. Easily navigate the new interface closest to the design of the interface on your phone that you’ve already used. Setting up Apple TV is easy pairing with remote control is easy and if you prefer to transfer your Apple ID on your iOS on Apple TV to avoid using the onscreen keyboard, unapproachable device Apple TV to wirelessly transfer credentials CPCs. You only need to enter your password for your Apple ID on your iOS device. Once set, access the App Store and you start to get close to the essence of change that makes the difference between the old and the new Apple TV. Besides the applications that already existed on the old model there were new apps like Apple Music, Photos (which automatically downloads photos from iCloud) and Computers (accessing Macs on the network in order to share iTunes libraries) and games for Apple TV, but and lots of other applications.

They are divided into categories such as games, apps for kids, sports, news and known selection “Best New Apps”. In each of these categories appear almost daily new applications, developers taking advantage of the new platform. Find applications such as Periscope, Gilt, Flickr, Vimeo, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Sing Karaoke and others. Top Charts tab and find, with subcategories well known Paid, Free and grossing apps designed to help you in finding the desired applications. When you install a remote game controller turns becoming perfect.

Even if you play Crossy Road, Beach Buggy Racing Asphalt 8 or remote is all you need to play, and the graphics are impressive. Without you realize you may find that you just purchased a game console with motion sensor. There are some not so positive things worth mentioning. Video content is accessible by location and whether Apple ID account you set Romania do not have access to so much content. Unfortunately the people at Apple have integrated support for 4K video playback. Another disadvantage is that I felt removing the optical out port that allows you to redirect the audio to be played on other devices audio specialist you could provide a sound output level Hi-Fi. However, all these disadvantages disappear once you have the remote in hand. User experience is totally surprising.

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